UNINERD is a website, linked with one or more accounts on social networks and other platforms, with the goal of entertaining, informing, documenting, divulging, but more than anything else to amuse the followers and the creators of the page.

Hence, the authors are exempt from being held responsible in case contents will not make readers laugh enough. The very same authors have fun very easily.

The object of that entertainment is represented by many types of products and works of art, belonging to different creative sectors, that are nowadays associated with a very well known slang word (among others): “nerd”. You will then read about board- or tabletop- games, tridimensional models made with different materials (plastic, metal, etc.), colors, substances (resin, glues, colors, etc.) and tools to achieve creative results, video games on different platforms, manuals, constructions with bricks or other types of materials, comic books, and much more.

It remains unknown how the authors find enough time to follow all of those things, although the fact that we do not sleep is none of your business!

The format of the platform, as well as the articles that are published in there, are inspired to the many Italian “Universities of Studies”, by author choice; the method, that the authors use to take care of the project, aims to be as professional as possible in every aspect. Nonetheless UNINERD remains an entertainment website, lacks any educational, legal, scientific and professional acknowledgement, and is entirely no-profit.

Basically, those who believed in the realization of the Nerd University dream, are warmly invited to close the website and go back “on books”, because the exam session is still in progress. And that nightmare is more than real!

The only reasonable exemption to the point will be the possibility to use web platforms for donation systems (Patreon, Tipee, Kofi, etc.), albeit anything collected in such a way will be dedicated to supporting the management of the initiative, or destined to purchasing material to improve the quality of work.

All of these hobbies gain bonus damage against wallets, and the salary for intern-authors-factotum of UNINERD give the slightest resistance to the superpower of the powerful Kickstarter.

UNINERD is not directly or indirectly funded by physical stores or distributors, in the regard of products that are the object of news and articles.
Any mention, promotion or advertising of stores, distributors, or in the same way of professionals, artists or brands, directly or indirectly, will be always made for the purposes that were mentioned in the first paragraph: entertaining, informing, documenting, divulging.

In case UNINERD – in practical terms, the authors – happen to receive material for free, sent by one or more of the subjects that were just mentioned, and such material happens to be analysed in one or more articles, the authors will take care of highlighting the source of such material, in order to keep the neutral form of the platform, other than to respect the applicable rules for antitrust

We already thank the Emperor, because his only Light by its own is more than sufficient to push the platform forward.

It is not excluded, in any possible way, to accomplish collaborations with pages, groups, associations, stores, clubs, creators, artists and professionals, provided that these declared intentions, ways and format, will remain untouched.In conclusion, while being a humble platform for contents that may seem lightweight and mostly commercial, UNINERD proceeds with its mission: divulging in an objective, funny, but also rigorously organized, all the many forms of the game and/or artistic side of entertainment, which recently became part of the so called “pop-culture” environment. And that’s because they are hobby in which the authors personally find tools that are useful under many multiple aspects of everyday life; they are capable of making people enjoy amusing and constructive experiences with other people, as well as to contribute to their own personal growth, up to reach the professional level too.