Memories from 2287 – A Fallout Wasteland Warfare adventure

Attention all students: this is not a drill.

This is NOT a drill.

Also, no nuke has been dropped on UNINERD, so go back to your seats and stay away from all emergency exits!

“Memories from 2287” is coming! A series of adventures for Fallout Wasteland Warfare, including the RPG expansion.

This new gaming experience, designed to show the “Vault-Tec” level of expertise of our institution, is meant to explore various facets of the game: gameplay, interaction, lore and mood.

The players, under the careful watch of the Overseer, will experience multiple plots and quests, involving both pure roleplay and wargame-like experience with exquisite tabletop miniatures and sceneries to create exciting engagements for those who wander the Wastelands of 2287.

Declaration of Intents

According to the new practices of the RPG community worldwide, a Declaration of Intents has been agreed upon between the players and the Overseer.

Obviously, such declaration has been sprinkled with a joyful and playful attitude and shared through the thick green glass of a dusty old terminal recovered in some forgotten dump in the Wasteland.

Students are invited to follow the updates published by the University Secretariat on UNINERD social media pages, for them to stay up-to-date with this initiative.