Memories from 2287: the Party

As previously introduced in the dedicated article, UNINERD is proud to announce the beginning of “Memories from 2287” an Adventure Campaign for Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce each member of the party that will embark to face the adversities of Fallout’s post-apocalyptic world, each one played by a carefully selected student here at UNINERD:

Fred (Red) ZinJan

From kind owner of a comics store in a small town to immortal Ghoul… a true superhero!
Captured by a group of raiders, forced to live as a circus freak for a while, under the name of “Red Fly” (because of his not so muscular body) he is now roaming the wastelands, armed with the original Grognak Axe, even though what he really wants is to find a quiet place where he can read a couple numbers of “The Unstoppables”.

ArchetypeGhoul – Bandit
GiftsDodge, Inheritance (Grognak Axe)
ScarsHit Every Branch on the Way Down, Wanted
SkillsAcrobatics, Knowhow Survival, Knowhow Local, Stealth
SpecialitiesKnow Local (Boston city center)
PerksNerd Range, Lead Belly [free], Weak point [free], Urban [free]

Marshall Lee

It’s a well known fact that Super Mutants are strong, resilient and formidable foes. It is also well known that they’re not that smart. Well, Marshall Lee is the exception. 

He wanders the wasteland, disgusted by his appearance and by his own kin, avoiding them and humans alike. He doesn’t remember much from his past, except from the fact that he loves cats, and has a deep appreciation for music. Actually, if you get to hear him beating his opponents to a pulp, you can’t deny some sense of rhythm in his blows.

ArchetypeSuper Mutant – Hunter
GiftsBig-brained, Inheritance (Guitar-sword)
ScarsAmnesia, Hunted
SkillsIntimidate, Track, Knowhow Creatures, Knowhow Local, Knowhow Survival
SpecialitiesTrack Humans [free], Knowhow survival Find food in arid wasteland
PerksLook out!


The Butler-Automaton Neural Design 3 “Realizer“, successor of the BAND2 “Understander“, improvement of the BAND1 “Thinker“, is part of a specific line of Mr. Handy. 

The idea behind this line was to create an AI capable of autonomous learning with no improvements limits. This project was later abandoned because of some wierd and unpleasant… side effect.

ArchetypeMr. Handy – Robot
GiftsFleet of foot, Gift of foot
ScarsAddiction (alcohol), Intolerance (humans)
SkillsComputers, Deception, Notice, Knowhow Creatures, Knowhow Robots, Knowhow Science
SpecialitiesDeception (cheating card games)

Leo Sanderclive

Former Enclave Soldier, adrift after the events at Raven Rock, he finds himself lost in a world he doesn’t recognize anymore. 

His only certainties? A treasured plasma pistol, always polished and always loaded; an old worn uniform and a wrinkled hat, on which the letter “E” surrounded by thirteen stars is more than enough to keep most of the troubles away.

ArchetypeHuman – Infantry
GiftsConfident, Gift of gab
ScarsI know something, Intolerant (Railroad)
SkillsNotice, Resilience, Talk, Knowhow Local, Repair & Craft Armor, Repair & Craft Weapons
SpecialitiesRepair Plasma weapons
PerksArmor Knowledge [free], Gunslinger


Looking for drugs? Stims? Calmex? A batch of radioactive drug mixed with sugar? Ask Bittercaps! 

Well known character to all major players in the underworld of society because of his talent as a “chemist”, It is still a mistery how, after all his adventures, he is still alive and cooking… 
Easily worried by pretty much all that happens in the wastelands, he is never out of Calmex.

ArchetypeHuman – Chem maker
GiftsBright-eyed, Iron stomach
ScarsAddiction (Calmex), Infamous
SkillsDeception, Medical, Persuade, Talk, Repair & Craft Chems
SpecialitiesRepair & Craft Chems (Calmex)
PerksChemist, Medic