Conquest: magnetising miniatures and stands | Laboratory

The famous UniNerd Vanguard team brings a new workshop aiming to provide support on a specific subject, that is making your Conquest armies easier to deploy, play and transport; this is due to the fact that Conquest miniatures feature round bases and are placed together to form ranks and files on square stands, which makes them fall very often during your games.
Considering you might want to fully enjoy both the The Last Argument of Kings (tLAoK) and First Blood (FB) experiences, the following solution could be suitable for you!

Official products

Firstly, let’s specify that this solution is based on regular bases and stands, included in every box of Conquest miniatures, while it cannot be applied to special products such as Elrik’s Hobbies resin sets (e.g the Imperial Walkway line); furthermore, it can be applied to any kind of regiment type (infantry, brutes or cavalry, and monsters) and in a very fast way.

Secondly, let’s add that it will mostly fit any regiment you built and painted already, since it does not require removing models from their bases or similar drastic solutions.
However, in case you are looking for a magnetizing option for your brand new unassembled models, you may want to consider the official Para Bellum Games magnetic bases and carriers, which are going to be available at the end of April 2023. This product is going to represent the safest choice for students whose models travel fast to their gaming locations, since miniatures are held in their place (on the stand) by two magnets, as the official video perfectly shows.

Remember you can use the UNINERD10 code to receive a 10% discount on your next (European) official store order.


Our vanguards used the following supplies, in order to reach the desired result:

  • 10mm diameter and 1mm thick magnets, which are sold by any brick and mortar or online hobby store;
  • 14mm diameter and 1mm thick washers, which internal hole diameter should be no less than 5mm. Those are sold by any hardware store;
  • any cyanoacrylate super-glue of your choice;
  • (optional) brush and paints, or a white marker.

How to proceed

We recommend following these steps:

  1. start off by glueing washers under model bases with your super glue;
    (infantry) for each base you should apply 1 washer, whose hole has to be aligned with the bubble that’s visible under round bases;
    (cavalry/brute/monster) at least 2-3 washers per base, placed at similar distances with each other;
  2. make sure you assemble your models one by one, so that miniatures fit on their stands easily (clearly, you should pay attention to the numerous infantries, featuring 4 models per stand), and the same care should be applied to stands positioning, since they are going to be placed side by side;
  3. once your regiment is complete, glue magnets inside each stand hole, so that their position matches those of washers under miniature bases (check step 1);
  4. (optional) a quick final touch will make sure you are able to place your models in the exact same formation you studied while building them, even after you removed them from their stands (due to playing First Blood or other reasons).
    Consider writing an identification code under their bases and in the specific hole they occupy on a stand, using colours, initials, numbers, and so on.
    Here is a recommended method:
    1. choose one or two letters to represent the regiment name;
    2. an increasing number to represent a stand position in the regiment, starting from the left stand in the front rank and proceeding to the right, before moving on to other ranks;
    3. numbers (from 1 to 4), or greek letters (α, β, γ, δ), to represent a model position on a stand, starting from the model on the left in the front side of a stand, and then proceeding clockwise.

Last but not least, you will find out that this solution will help you transport your models as well; considering stands will have magnets glued on them, they will grip on most metal boxes.

Your stands will stay still in any box, but we have to point out that you should still be very careful when moving your miniatures transport case: albeit this solution is easy, fast and cheap, most miniatures will not survive hard impacts or falls of your transport case!

The final result is available in the following gallery: